Host a Canvass

Use our checklist below and you will quickly be on your way to hosting a canvass to help Tony.  We couldn't do this without supporters like you, so thank you so much in advance.

  • LOCATION: Choose a location that is easily accessible, and easy to find.  It can be a private home or a coffee shop.
  • TIME: Most canvasses are typically at 10am and 1pm on the weekends, but pick a date and time that works for you.
  • REQUEST MATERIALS: We have materials for you to hand out.  Please click this request form to and we will get them out the door to you.
  • LET US KNOW ABOUT YOUR EVENT: We want to know all the great work you are doing.  Send an email to and we will add the event to the website.
  • RECRUIT SOME FRIENDS TO HELP: Call them, email them, reach out via facebook
  • GET THE SCRIPT: Click here to download the script.  Check back as this may be updated throughout the campaign.
    • If you do not have access to Votebuilder through the Democratic Party and need maps and address lists to host your canvass, please click here to request them.
    • If you have access to VoteBuilder, the DPW has created a list (Or Target) of consistent spring voters in the VAN, that you may use to create walk packets.
      • Using the List/Target:
        • Log in to your VAN Account
        • Select the Create A New List option on VAN's home screen
        • Scroll down to the Target category
        • Check the box that says DPW 2017 Spring Target: DPW 2017 Spring Target
        • Use the Location category to specify where you would like to knock on doors
        • Click the green Run Search button
        • From there, you'll be able to cut turf! Click this link: DPW's VAN Webinar for a quick tutorial if you need it.