Nomination Papers

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First, thanks so much to all my many supporters, volunteers, donors, advocates, and allies; I am honored to serve as Wisconsin’s State Superintendent. I am thrilled with the opportunity to continue to be a strong voice for education. But for that to happen, I need some of your valuable time to help collect nomination signatures for my 2013 run. By collecting these signatures, you are an integral part of making sure my name appears on the ballot for re-election this April.

Circulating Nomination PapersSignatures can be collected starting December 1, 2012. You can collect signatures almost anywhere. Public places and local events are great ways to get started, or just walk around your neighborhood and ask your friends to sign.

Completed forms are due to my campaign by December 21st (Tony Evers for State Superintendent - PO Box 1879, Madison, WI 53701). If you feel you can get additional signatures after the 21st, for example over the holidays, let me know ( so that we make sure we receive the forms in a timely manner. The campaign must file all forms by January 2, 2013.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call my campaign phone at 608.692.6915. A few important tips on this process: 

1. As a circulator, you will be signing a certification that says you personally obtained each signature. Please read the certification carefully and follow its requirements. 

2. Please make sure each signer is eligible to vote in Wisconsin. 

3. Signatures must be legible. If you can’t read the name, chances are nobody else can. 

4. The signer must accurately indicate address and municipality of residence. 

Address: Each person must indicate their house number, street name: or Rural Route and box or fire number. Addresses that have only Post Office Boxes are not acceptable

Municipality: Many people don’t know their municipality – often it is different from their mailing address. For example, s/he could have a Sun Prairie mailing address and live in the Town of Burke. Town of Burke is the Municipality. This is a common mistake and will invalidate the signature. 

5. Please double check that each signer indicates the correct date in the far right-hand box. 

6. Leave the page number box blank, it will be completed by the campaign before final submission. 

7. The circulator should sign and date the certification only after obtaining signatures. 

Again, we hope to have received completed nomination papers by December 21st at PO Box 1879, Madison, WI 53701. Thank you for helping do this important task. I know how busy everyone is, especially during the holidays. 


Tony Evers 
State Superintendent