State superintendent candidates Evers and Holtz square off

“In order to pass Act 10, it was necessary to have divisive rhetoric around teachers and public servants,” Evers said. “I think as a result we’re losing a generation of teachers.”

“We’re losing them from the profession because they’re frustrated … They’re doing things that are absolutely not related to their classroom,” Holtz said. “We need to give them a rich environment where it's rewarding to be a teacher.”

Evers agreed that there was need to “lighten the load” on teachers, but pointed out that he doesn’t have control over all the burdens placed on teachers: some laws and standards are enacted by the Legislature.

Holtz said that, overall, Act 10 was a good thing for Wisconsin. As a superintendent pre-Act 10, he had to lay off employees every year. After Act 10, he didn’t have to lay off anyone, he said.

“Did it save money? Absolutely. By taking money out of teacher’s pockets,” Evers said.

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