Tony Evers campaigns in Rhinelander

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers made a stop in Rhinelander on Friday to campaign for a third four-year term in office.

Evers, who is being challenged in the April 4 spring general election by retired Whitnall School District administrator Lowell Holtz, met with supporters at the Rhinelander Café and Pub before heading over to WXPR to be interviewed.

“Certainly I think I’m more prepared (to be the state school superintendent),” Evers said. “I’ve had the job for two terms, and we’ve made some good progress in those two terms.

“My opponent had some weird stuff happening at the end of the primary…. That in itself is really stupid, but the thing that concerns me most is that they’re talking seriously about breaking up the five largest schools districts in the state, getting rid of the school boards, all sorts of things that frankly shouldn’t be dealt with on a back of a bar napkin."

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